Monday, 19 January 2009

The brief

Titles Sequence Project

You are to produce three short title sequences for either film or television.
There will be a range of genres and subject to choose from, that will have interesting visual material associated with them. Check out the links at the bottom of the page for some inspiration. The list of titles will be available later.

You will be asked to produce three sequences each with a different mood or visual approach that is appropriate to the context. You could use video or stop frame or a combination of the two. You can use any approach you like but as they are title sequences some typography will be incorporated- this could be really simple – just nice static type and moving image or could be pure animated type.

The idea for the project is you can explore a range of visual approaches that will make your portfolio stand out in contrast to all the competition briefs that employers see each year from students.

The project will allow you to develop your motion graphic craft through the three different approaches. Don’t worry how experienced you are. This project is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced students. You may have some motion ambitions but feel you have no knowledge to proceed through a project; the aim of the project is to improve your knowledge. There are a good number of weeks to complete the project.

There will be tutorial workshops in the appropriate media
Jon Hamilton in tutorial workshops will show you
· How some of the sequences you have seen are made
-Eg;what media and approaches were used for Prologues projects
· How to use our new HDV cameras
· The different methods of using either an HDV camera for video or a Digital stills camera for stop frame animation.
· How After Effects can be used to communicate your project
· How Final Cut Pro can be used to communicate your project

You may have some knowledge at the start or you may have only a limited amount some the intention is that you will have developed both your knowledge and your craft and skills.

Things to be inspired by!:
Motion Graphics community site

Film and television sequences by Kyle Cooper’s company Prologue;

Prologue sequences to view:
· Bridge to Terrabithia
· Curious George
· Dawn of the Dead
· Iron Man
· Rock n Rolla
· SOP (standard operating procedures)
· Wimbledon

Prologue Montage showreel;

TV and Film Title sequence genres and themes

As usual research your topic from a wide range of sources,not just the internet.
Do you need to know factual information as well as visual research?
What visual and motion tone is appropriate to the subject matter?

Film Title Sequence;
Chose a film that you think deserves a better title sequence. Consider three different approaches, three different treatments, to the title sequence for your chosen film.
Consider who you think the audience is for your chosen film.

You may find a film that has no title sequence in the way that we know them today; today most films have a designed title sequence but this was not always the case prior to the mid 1990s.

TV Title Sequence;
The TV genres are
Business and Finance

Find a theme from these genres that interests you or is of interest to your target audience. Chose one genre and develop three different TV Title treatments. The titles could work as a series but each sequence covering a different theme. For example each architecture TV title sequence would feature a different architect.

If you are needing some guidance for Architecture or Historical/Biographical below are some examples of people who have good strong visual material associated with them.

Richard Rodgers Partnership
Future Systems
Will Alsop
Sir John Soane
Le Corbusier

William Morris
Alexander Rodchenko
Buckminster Fuller
Jacques- Henri Lartigue
Jamie Reid

Bridget Riley
Tracey Emin
Diane Arbus
Marie Curie
Sarah Bernhardt

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