Monday, 19 January 2009

Film title sequence intial ideas

The first film that entered my mind was amelie, for two reasons the first being that there's a bloody great big poster of Audrey Tautou above my bed and secondly i thought its aesthetic and playful tone would give me plenty of opportunities to appeal to the current trend of craft within design (see this months issues of both creative review an eye for discussions on this trend), this trend is evident as much within animation as any other design disciplines.

"Stay In My Memory" by Bim is a good example of this aesthetic

with regard to an amelie title sequence i've a couple of ideas knocking around my head one being using the very odd expressions Audrey Tautou makes in the outtakes of the movie

and combining them with the photograph motif that runs throughout the movie to create a stop motion animation alot like the
Sia - "Breathe Me" video (embedding disabled click link)

Another idea is a vectored animation along the lines of Lisa Schibels T-mobile illustrations (illusive pg.73)

The problem with using amelie as a basis for this project is that the movie already has a pretty good title sequence. (sequence come in at 1min 14sec)

Its Also already been re-done before, this version is quiet clever though, I really like that way the credits are displayed on relevant objects such as the director of photography displayed on a camera for example.

So we're looking for a film that has no title sequence or a really bad title sequence.

I've been watching alot of German cinema lately, and a friend informed me that Run Lola Run has a particular bad title sequence. (title sequence starts at 2min 46 secs)

It kinda reminds me of a cross between the opening to fraggle rock and a Hannah Barbara cartoon.

But as a concept this movie is great it deals with time, destiny and choices which can make great metaphorical visual material as well as the physical aspect of running. But with its heavy mid 90s techno beats it doesn't make for good material when it comes to a more crafted appearance, but thats not so say if i did go forward with this movie i'd have to keep to that aesthetic anyway, it'd just be nice.

When it comes to updating the title sequence for Run Lola Run something that sticks in my mind is Mirrors Edge, a first person free running game from Swedish developer DICE, there are some quiet striking similarities between Lola and faith too

but then again shoulder length matted hair and vest tops seem to be the norm for
women that can run really fast ...

The first person perspective is interesting, and could be a good design direction to go in. I also like the motif right at the start with the foot print reveling the EA logo, I think that could translate very well to a title sequence.

You can also hear similarities in the euro-tech soundtrack :p

The realse Lead up trailers were animated shorts. Material for basing my own animations on perhaps? If i was to animate a figure i'd like to do some sort of motion capture and achieve these kind of effects.

tj -x-

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