Thursday, 22 January 2009

TV title sequences

Although remaking a film sequence offers the oppotunity to explore visual material surrounding the concepts behind the movie its a very linear exercise. What appeals to me about the TV series title sequences is the oppotunity to create a set of title sequences that have a constant element to them, but differ throughout the series. For instance a series of biographical documentaries that represent the induvidual identiy but keep a constant tone throughout the series. This has led me to look at a more modular concept.

It would be nice to be able to some automate the title sequence much like the recent idents for SC4 recently created by Proud.

SC4 indents by Proud

Proud Creative, S4C Audio Ident 2 from Proud Creative on Vimeo.

Within these idents the images moves to the broadcasters voice, sound creates a unique image so that no two ident is ever the same.
With this in mind i could create a series of idents that animate visually to a unique sound that is played across them. Useing the example of the biogrpahical docmentaries, I could do a series of based on the lives of famous and influenctial musical artists.

other examples of image moving to music are everywhere, from the simple visualisations on media player to VJ sets at clubs. An exmaple that reall stands out is "Solar" a music video for Goldfrapp by Flight404. It uses the music to power an animation and lyrics to power the typographic element.

Solar - Flight404

Solar, with lyrics. from flight404 on Vimeo.

With this in mind i aim to create a script or expression within a program that will allow me to plug in any song, from the corrisponding artist, which in turn will animate visual elements within my title sequence. This will create a unquie sequence for each biography within the series. Now i just need to figure out whicih program to use.

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