Sunday, 1 February 2009


With all this focus on the technical aspect of my project i'm forgottent he bare bones and that thats the subject matter. I really need to decide on this. With the Vivaldi example i came to the conclusion that i would focus on classical music and do three diffrent title sequences based on three different classical composers. The wall i hit here was a lack of interesting visual material. All i see is funny wigs, sheet music and pianos in my head.

Also I have nothing i can really relate to classical, classical music. Its just not something i really listen too... apart from that stint where i managed a cable warehouse for a while and the guy i worked with insisted we listen to classical fm... but i digress.

Saying that what i can relate too is soundtracks, I have hundreds of tracks from Films and computergames i regulary listen to so why not concertrate on contempory classical composers? Why not explore composers such as:

Danny elf man

Inon Zur

Leon Willet

(An interest in video game soundtracks must be in my blood as a scandinavian, see the Play symphoney.)

Tan Dun

or John Williams

The list could go on and on. Considering my last project where i studied Sigur ros and Daft Punk I could even go as far to include Contempory popular musical 'Composers' such as:

Thom Yorke
or The cinematic Orchestra

But i think i've managed to narrow down my choices to the three contempory composers i need, based on good visual and conceptual material. These will be:

Brain eno
John Cage
& Tan Dun

tj -x-

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