Monday, 2 February 2009

Eno - Electrical circuit Tests and Failures

The above animations are tests into moving through a electrical circuit landscape.

In all honesty I'm not to happy with it all. It has the 'After effects look' to it (panning cameras and visuals that look like postcards), something i think i should try to avoid.

The soundtrack is also a problem, I've used "1/1" from music for airports as i've been told its a "trademark track" of Eno and i want to animated my title sequences to familiar pieces by the artists featured. But its very slow boring and quite uninspiring to animated to. Another problem is that I want to hit the 20second mark dead on with each animation and with such a minimalist piece i think it will prove difficult to create a pace throughout the animation (even though minimalist pieces are Enos forte).

tj -x-

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