Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Target audience - BBC Four

To proceed with appropriate visuals i need to consider a target audience. The hypothetical documentaries on contemporary classical composers will be aired on BBC Four. BBC Four is a channel aimed at

a wide variety of programmes including drama, documentaries, music, international film, comedy and current affairs ... an alternative to programmes on the mainstream TV channels

The channel broadcasts a mixture of art and science documentaries, vintage drama (including many rare black-and-white programmes), and non-English language productions such as films from the Artificial Eye catalogue and the French thriller Spiral. BBC Four further supports foreign language films with its annual World Cinema Award which has been running since 2004.

So BBC 4 aires an alternative listing to the mainstream BBC 1 and 2 by targeting a demograph interested in the arts, sciences and politics, one of its previous slogans (which it has now dropped) was "Everyone Needs A Place To Think", so BBC 4 could almost be considered the thinking persons TV channel.

I will create my animations with this audience in mind. So they'll need to be 'artsy' sophisticated and more importantly different to the kind of title sequences seen on the other BBC channels.

I also need to target people interested in Contemporary classical composers directly. I'll do this by using a very minimalist pallete, and minimal, yet sophisticated animations that have a concept behind them. Hopefully the concept will shine through, creating a prelude to the tone of documentary to come.

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