Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Making the Animation more dynamic

I'm happy with how the animation works. But as it is it's a bit boring, within the title sequence I have to keep the audiences attention for 20 seconds so their has to be a certain dynamism to it. I'll ac hive this through camera movement.

My first test just panned out completely, from right up close to the distance the camera was originally set at. I also experimented with the type positioning.

When watching this back the most interesting part was the close ups of the animations so in my next series of tests i experimented with going right in close and panning back ever so slightly, allowing the shape of the generated image to dominate the screen. I also panned and orbited the camera (ever so slightly) to the left, this left an obvious space in the right hand corner for the type.

Watching this back It was clear that I could go even closer to the image still. This is my final composition, where the camera pans out ever so slightly, keeping pace with the soundtrack and allows the animation to create a dynamic by dominating the screen before fading off to the left and leaving the type to take centre stage at the end.

tj -x-

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