Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Eno - generative images

Moving through the electrical landscape was all very well, and i could have gone further with it. But to me it doesn't say anything, theirs no real concept to it other than illustrating electrical circuits and the idea than Eno used electronic beats, which is nothing really unique to Eno. So I've decided to go back to using music to generated images. I'm doing this because its a play on Enos techniques.

Eno used to generate music from random elements - So in Turn i'm generating an image from Enos music.

The first thing I changed was the track. The previous animation used 1/1, which although was groundbreaking in Enos career, when i asked a few people they had no idea what who it was by. So I looked into Brian eno his ventures into mainstream popular culture, I considered using the
spore soundtrack but that's a generative piece that doesn't repeat, Or the windows 95 start up sound;

But that's one; too short, and two horrible.

Eno tracks have been used in movies and the track that people recognised the most was "An Ending (ascent)" From 1983s Apollo atmospheres and soundtracks. People didn't recognise that it was Eno, but rather it was "that track from 28 days later".

I plugged that track into the after effects expressions I had created previously and created a generative animation.

Like Enos work its minimalist black on white with a subtle title on the bottom right hand corner, hopefully this will appeal to both Enos fans and BBC 4 watchers.

tj -x-

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