Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Eno - Music Bars and Font Consideration

In my sketchbook I've toyed with the idea of having the the generated string like lines in the animation as bars in a musical score. My sketches included using the treble and bass cleft as motifs, but I think that's not subtle enough, I want to hint at elements, not show them entirely.

This animation is slightly more complicated than the previous animations. Instead of using the combined channels bass and treble to create the two particle generators, I needed to create six to create the three layers of strings seen in the animation. To do this I split the music into left, right and combined channels. I then split these into bass and treble creating 6 waveforms to extract positions from.

The same process of converting the waveforms into positional key frames and applying them to the particle generators within set parameters based on the high and low point of the waveform remains the same.

I also changed the font from Century Gothic to Frutiger Ext.

I like century Gothic I really do, but i want a font that has some sort of tie to Eno, however tenuous. I decided on Frutiger for the simple reason that Eno is famous for "Music for airports" and frutiger is a "typeface for airports". The Ext version just seems to fit nicely.

Being a modern Sans Serif font it also has the potential to be used across the series, and tie all the sequences together typographically.

tj -x-

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