Sunday, 10 May 2009

John cage - Creation Process

As stated before i've taken the Fluxus films opening title cards as my inspiration for the John cage animation. Then in started to place the modified type I'd made on the screen. I'm trying to achieve pacing phonetically, as you would say the quote, hopefully achieving a sort of poetic movement as the original quote is about poetry its self "I have nothing to say, and i'm saying it, that poetry". So the words with double syllables are on screen for longer, and the breaks in animation are where you would naturally take breaths.

The trial piece about, lays out the positioning and pace of the animation, but it lacked an impact, i wanted to emphasise certain words more so I played with scale.

Here I tried moving the word nothing across the screen, This took alittle adjustment across a few test pieces (below) but the final outcome works well.

The two tests below are examples of adjustments to pacing and positioning.

I felt ready to start to add sound in the next example. I used a soundtrack taken from the proms performance of 4'33 (show earlier in the blog). Although the piece is silence, you get a low hum through the monitor and the odd cough from people creating an ambiance to the piece.

I experimented with adding well placed coughs when the type flickered. Overall I didn't think this worked too well.

I needed some other audio stimulus to the piece, the ambient hum worked but i think the piece needed another layer. So I grabbed a sound effect of a ticking clock, slowed it right down (1/3 speed) and put that under the 4'33 track at -15db to create a more interesting audio landscape.

The above version I'm happy with. I now need to add some inverted frames to break up the white a bit and idea taken from the fluxus videos.So I'm moving onto adobe premier to do that.

tj -x-

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