Sunday, 1 February 2009

What should a title sequence be?

After my first tutorial we were asked what a title sequence for TV is.

Basically i'm to set the mood the the TV show, so the title sequence should reflect the content within.

Looking at some of the links below its clear that title sequences for TV should be about 20 seconds in length. If i can hit 20 seconds exactly, to the frame, it will shoulw that i can edit professionally so i'm going to go with 500 frames no more no less.

Because i'm doing title sequences for TV I need to almost brand the show. I'm going to scrap the idea of a modular title sequence as stated below so i'll have more interestign material to work with, so hopefully i'll do three different sequences using three different methods but the overall aesthetic and tone will be consistent. I'm thinking of...

one pure after effects
one animation (probaley stop motion)
and one film

tj -x-

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